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Why Million Dollar Bitcoin Page

Welcome to my Million Dollar Bitcoin Page. Now, before we begin this crusade, I am certain you are thinking to yourself: “Why did this guy create this page?” So, let’s answer that one first and then carry on. This Million Dollar Bitcoin Page doesn’t just benefit myself. It has been created mainly to promote crypto currency, a “new” way of money and currency transaction that I think will have more and more users each year. It may sound confusing to someone that has never heard of this, or to someone who doesn’t have an idea about all the things you can do on the internet nowadays. That’s what I am trying to do. I want to help you understand, promote and give my contribution to improving crypto currencies. Equal distribution and less manipulation of the crypto currency is what I am aiming to achieve. So, I just want to help, and leave my mark in the system of crypto currency. That’s why this Million Dollar Bitcoin Page is created, and you can be a part of it! You can buy space, pixels, that will contain your pixel advert image and a link to your website. As users grow you will be having more and more views, meaning – more clients. That’s why investing in your space on the Million Dollar Bitcoin Home Page is valuable. Your link to your site will stay there for at least 5 years! The minimum you can buy is 100 pixels, buying anything smaller is simply not good for you or me. Your ad won’t look good and it would just be there like a coffee stain on the homepage. Not everyone will be accepted, so read carefully our Terms of Use and Conditions. Stick through our article to fully understand how everything functions and then proceed and get your pixels. After you ordered your pixels, they will be available and online on my homepage within 24 hours up to 48 hours max after receiving payment. The site may be down from time to time but I will make sure it is not frequent and not long. So, read the entire article to get a clear picture of what we are doing here and how. I am pretty sure that anything you need to know is already here, so don’t worry. Let’s be a part of the itcoin revolution! Let’s make an innovation! Join the new wave and help me improve the crypto currency system!