1,000,000 pixels
0.001 per pixel
Be a part of Bitcoin Revolution!

How it works

Select Your Pixels

You need to figure out how much pixels (space for your website’s link / image) you would like to buy from me. I have a million pixels to sell, so as time goes on and people buy those pixels, there will be less and less for you to choose. That defines the maximum that you can buy – Whatever there is left. Be efficient and fast and you will get what you want! The minimum that you can select is 100 pixels. 100 pixels would be 0.1 bitcoin. Choose whatever suits you best. The more pixels you buy the bigger the picture, and the bigger the advert. Your call!

Pixel Ad Information

You must provide clear advert information - The title of your website, the link of your website, your e-mail address and image URL. This will help me put together what you need and that’s what will get you views. Make sure to enter true information and if they are updated make sure to notify me.

Pay With Bitcoin

In case you didn’t understand what the payment method is – It isn’t in USD nor in Euros, this is BITCOIN only. This is a electronic payment system that simulates real money. It is basically virtual money. Nobody prints this money, no bank regulates it, it is all digital and doesn’t have large fees.

Advert Gets Online

Your advert will be online on the space you have bought within 24 to 48 hours max after payment confirmation. I will make sure to do fast work and put your add to the previously bought space.